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GetResponse How to build an Email List Tutorial 101

Do you want to learn how to build an Email List by up to 10,000 subscribers in an unimaginable time?

What happens after spending several years blogging and collecting thousands of email list only to have them all hijacked within a few hours? This is why you need the right tool on how to build an email list

A little research was taken out, only to discover that there are some website owners, whom I know, earn their living online but in just one night all of their revenues and email list were lost over an under-built email list platform ” free subscribers “. And to cut the stories all short, Unable to email their sizable email list worth over 100,000+ and growing. The outcome was bad which resulted in lost revenue in business.

This could have been a lot easier if there was an available customer service personnel to be reached.

Though, before now I was using the same email list platform or free subscribers app, this obviously made me nervous so I looked high and low for the best email list building service out there.

I settled for GetResponse.

Tested them and I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m here to stay. I used them for several months before I felt comfortable recommending them. Here are at least a few reasons why I made the switch:

1. GetResponse offers 24/7 Live Chat Support

This is the best part for me. Even while on the 30-days free trial, I was able to hit the live chat button Found “on the left side of the page” and got instant access to any help. The live chat support is available no matter what plan or page you are on and it is incredibly helpful when you are trying to get something done in the software.

2. Simple Drag-n-Drop Autoresponder Calendar

Experienced website owners, businesses, E-commerce and bloggers know the value of Autoresponders. An Autoresponder is a group of messages you can send out over time to new subscribers. Setting up Automation in your business can be incredibly valuable. One other thing I love about GetResponse is the clean calendar interface installed in the autoresponders platform.

3. More on how to build an Email List – Action-Based Autoresponders

Instead of bombarding your entire list with more emails about goal setting you can just send future emails only to those who are interested.

4. Surveys, Landing Pages, and More!

There are a lot of benefits of being a GetResponse customer which includes all of the add-ons you have access to. They make setting up a survey a breeze if you want to interact with your audience. They’ve also had one of the best if not the best Landing Page Creator, making it easier to set up your own opt-in page.

Overall, We’ve been extremely happy with GetResponse. We will recommend it to anyone. They are currently offering a 30 Day Free Trial With No Credit Card Needed.



Each lesson in the program provides you with quick, actionable list building tips and tasks, and contains:

1. An instructional video on how to build an email list

2. Printable PDF with complementary tips


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