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…Warns against political patronage
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Following the early appointment of 70 Executive Members of Ebonyi State Government, including Senior Special Assistants(SSAs) and Special Assistants(SAs), other Exco members. Governor David Umahi of the State has again inaugurated 3 SSAs, 9 SAs and chairman of secondary education board to join in the day-to-day running of the state business. The inauguration took place yesterday, 6th August, 2019, at the Executive Council Chambers, Government House,  Abakaliki. The Governor revealed that his administration will not make more SSAs neither SAs in the state.


“By the way, this is the last executive members we are making. The members have been increased from 70 to 83, we are not making any more. It doesn’t give anybody joy as some people don’t understand what is SA nor SSA.”

Governor Umahi also inaugurated members of the Secondary Education Board(SEB) of the state which is a bold step he has taken to improve educational standard in the state. He enjoined all appointees to work harder to uplift the image of the state and society at large,  saying that political appointment is not a patronage.


“Let me first say that appointment to Secondary Education is not a patronage. I actually removed the former chairmen of UBEB and SEB because there was no performance at all and I am not sure they understand their duties. Our educational system must have an improvement.”


“The problem we have with political appointment is that 99% of the people appointed regard it as patronage. They only understand it as an appointment where if they don’t see alert, they will then refer back to Government but that is not going to be the case. So, I charge the chairman of SEB to divide the board into zones so that the wrath of the government will not fall on the entire board but on individuals who will disobey. Anybody who is not performing, I will require it of the chairman, whether SEB or UBEB. When people take the money of the Government, they should justify it. Nobody plants a seed and prays it does not germinate. Meanwhile, you can never find joy or peace in your appointment unless you begin to think of how you can create jobs, empower and uplift people.”

He, however, appealed to those in charge of education to join hands with the ministry and all the people involved in the field to pave an easy way of achieving EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE in the Ebonyi, over all states of the nation.



“I want to appeal to Secondary Education Board (SEB) to work with the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) and the Ministry of Education. I expect 95% of the people in the ministry and civil servants to be in the field, including the  SA on primary education, SSA on Secondary Education and SSA on Special Education. I expect a vigorous educational pursuit because we want to make Excellence in education.”

Governor Umahi urged the SSAs and SAs to get help from the society and the SEB to create initiatives to move the state forward as there will be no room for any appointee to lazy about.

The inaugurated members of the state executive council include Hon.  Sunday Ugwuocha as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on environment, Barr. Bede Nwali as Senior Special Assistant on Agriculture and Livestock Production, Dr. Mrs Chinyere Elom as Senior Special Assistant on Special Education, Chukwuma Okwuwa as Special Assistant on Street Light, Peter Nwogbaga as Special Assistant on Industrial Cluster Development, North, Edwin Okah as Special Assistant on Industrial Cluster, Central,  Chigozie Igwe as Special Assistant on Industrial Cluster, South, Princess Francisca Okeke as Special Assistant on Women Affairs, South,  Engr. Ukah Chikaodiri as Special Assistant on Water Project, Kyrian Opoke Emeka as Special Assistant on Market Development, Joseph Uguru as Special Assistant on Decorative Light and Fountains, Uche Achi Okpagu as Special Assistant on Primary Education and Mrs Elizabeth Ezeanyim as the Chairman, Secondary Education Board.

Speaking respectively on behalf of other appointees in acceptance, the Senior Special Assistant on Environment, Hon. Sunday Ugwuocha and the SEB chairman,  Mrs Elizabeth Ezeanyim thanked the Governor for counting them worthy to serve the state government, the entire Ebonyians and the nation at large. Referring to the day as remarkable, they promised to work in line with the state and educational policies to improve educational system and create great impact in the various areas of their calling.





By Udo Akam-Alo



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