Uber TAXI driver service in Abakaliki ebonyi state


UBER TAXI  Phone: +234-816-975-4776 

Here in Ebonyi state, we’re glad to announce the launch of Uber TAXI drivers service in Abakaliki Ebonyi state to provide another convenient and affordable option for you to get to your destination. Now, book the Uber TAXI drivers service through +234-816-975-4776. And take a ride in the pride of the city.

Whether you’re headed for an early morning meeting, to the neighborhood market or to meet with friends, you can count on Ebonyi Mini Uber TAXI driver to get you there.

What to expect from our Uber TAXI?

Ebonyi’s local favourite luxury cars.
Affordable rides.
Reliable Uber experience.
Available 24×7.
Make an impromptu plan, and be ready to leave. Your Uber TAXI is just a tap away!

How does it work?

Pick up your phone,
Dail our Uber Taxi drivers service in Abakaliki Ebonyi state phone number ” +234-816-975-4776 “,
Inform us of your destination.
And you’re a step away from your destination
So, get riding and enjoy rides at a reasonable cost.

What is a pick-up charge?

Pick up charge is the amount collected from the rider and paid to the driver in lieu of him accepting your ride and coming to your location for the pick up.












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